Yeomen – 2013

Our 2013 show – The Yeomen of the Guard


Photography by George Fellner


Watch our Yeomen of the Guard video!

Videography by Larry Engler,


The Yeomen of the Guard

Music Director:  John Dreslin
Artistic Director/Choreographer:  Bob Cumming


Lt. Sir Richard Cholmondely
Colonel Fairfax (Under sentence of death)
Sergeant Meryll (Of the Yeomen of the Guard)
Leonard Meryll (His son)
Jack Point (A strolling jester)
Wilfred Shadbolt (Jailer and Assistant Tormentor)
First Yeoman
Second Yeoman
Elsie Maynard (A strolling singer)
Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll’s daughter)
Dame Carruthers (Tower Housekeeper)
Kate (Her niece)


The Headsman
First Citizen
Second Citizen
Young Children

Lt. Cholmondely
Colonel Fairfax
Dame Carruthers
Jack Point
Mike Reynolds
Tim Throckmorton
Don Shirer
Hartley Horn
Dave Henderson
Laurie Weissbrot
John Freedman
Bill Faye
Renée Haines
Julie Rumbold
Kim Stoner
Kay Pere
Marc Carbonneau, Bill Faye
Hartley Horn, John Freedman
Craig Martin, Stefano Saykaly
Tom Speer, Dave Unsworth, Nathan Wise
Mark Callahan, Bonnie-Jean Connal
Noelle Currie, Marylin Currier
David Cutts, Erica Folta
Gala Herdman, Garry Jacobsen
Valerie Jacobsen, Richard Kelpen
Victoria Kelpen, Karla McClain
Elizabeth Merwin, Denise Shultzman
Tom Shultzman, Joan Toone
Samuel Connal Webster
Tom Shultzman
John Sloan
Sam Webster
Garry Jacobsen
Zachary Elder, Jackson Marcello
Jonathan Marcello
Noelle Currie
Bill Faye
Bill Sorensen
John Freedman
Karla McClain
Denise Shultzman
Gala Herdman
Stefano Saykaly

Our 2013 Season


Two crucial innovations marked our year. First, to economize, we decided to have only two performances, Saturday evening, Oct. 19, and a Sunday matinee on Oct. 20. Second, we decided to produce The Yeomen of the Guard at the Valley Regional High School in Deep River instead of continuing to perform in Middletown. This is an excellent venue with modern stage equipment and a nicely appointed auditorium of about 550 seats, which we succeeded in filling for our Sunday Matinee. Both performances went very well, with many audience members commenting on the colorful costumes, the impressive set, and the excellent cast. We were fortunate in attracting several new featured singers, as well as some young tumblers and jugglers from the Valley Regional students.

In June, a surprise dinner honored Bob Cumming’s 80th birthday. Dozens of CG&SS members attended, with performances of songs and skits dedicated to our beloved artistic director. Bob’s amazement was complete when he was greeted by his Nebraska nieces Chris and Carole.

Chris, Bob and Carol at his surprise 80th birthday.

Chris, Bob and Carol at his surprise 80th birthday.

In August, our Wandering Minstrels performed a sample of Gilbert and Sullivan tunes at Covenant Village in Cromwell to an enthusiastic packed audience.

Our season concluded in November with a cast dinner party at the Gelston House in East Haddam. The highlights included some witty speechifying and not one but two celebratory cakes by Renée Haines.