Ruddigore – 2011

Ruddigore Musical 2011

Ruddigore - 2011

Ruddigore – 2011 Poster

Ruddigore 2011




Music Director:  John Dreslin
Artistic Director/Choreographer:  Bob Cumming


Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd/Robin Oakapple
Richard Dauntless
Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddigore
Old Adam Goodheart/Gideon Crawle
Rose Maybud
Mad Margaret
Dame Hannah
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (the 21st Baronet)

Ghosts and Baronets of Castle Ruddigore

Professional Bridesmaids


Hornpipe Dancers


Bucks & Blades & Officers

Dame Hanna

Dave Henderson
Mike Reynolds
Hal Chernoff
Don Shirer
Renee Haines
Nancy Stewart, Julie Rumbold*
Betty Olson
Suzanne Amaral
Julie Rumbold, Rhoze Faraci*
Laurie Weissbrot

Richard Kelen, Mark Callahan, Tom Speer
David Unsworth, Bill Faye, Karl Sofko
Phil Faraci, Leighton Phraner, Tom Shultzman
Kevin Gherard, David Cutts

Paige Adams, Suzanne Amaral, Rhose Faraci
Andrea Henderson, Stephanie McMurry
Jennifer Yvonne Montgomery, Andrea Olson
Julie Rumbold, Sharon Connal Webster

Tom Speer, Kevin Gherard

Paige Adams, Suzanne Amaral, Mark Callahan
Bonnie Jean Connal, Phil Faraci, Bill Faye
Kevin Gherard, Andrea Henderson, Andrea Olson
Stephanie McMurray, Jennifer Yvonne Montgomery
Mike Reynolds, Julie Rumbold, Denise Shultzman
Tom Shultzman, Sam Connal Webster
Sharon Connal Webster, Laurie Weissbrot

Stephanie Chernoff, Bonnie Jean Connal
Julia Faraci, Connie Gillies, Connie Unsworth
Samual Connal Webster, Emma Wood
Mark Callahan (Gaffer Gaddeerby)
Ruth Rowbottom (Denise Shultzman)
Victoria Kelpen (Orphan Girl)
Tom Shultzman (Innkeeper

Richard Bengtson, Mark Callahan, Bavid Cutts
Phil Faraci Bill Faye, Kevin Gherard, Richard Kelpin
Craig Martin, Leighton Phraner, Tom Speer
Dave Unsworth, Laurie Weissbrot

Denise Shultzman
Stephanie McMurray

    (* Saturday Matinee)

Ruddigore Video!

     You can find a video of the Matter Trio from this Ruddigore production by going to and searching for “Connecticut Gilbert Ruddigore”.

Our Unforgettable 2011 Season

None of the dozens of cast members and backstage workers will easily forget our Saturday matinee performance of Ruddigore. Everything was going smoothly and spirits were high. We knew that snowstorm Alfred was due soon, but the predictions were mixed and we hoped for the best. (To paraphrase Longfellow: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make overconfident!”)

Our first omen was a power fluctuation affecting the lights in the second act. Luckily our technical wizard, Don Chamberlin, soon got the balky electronics under control. But as the final bows were taking place, we received word from the Middletown police that the storm was gathering strength and they were closing the school as a precaution, so our evening performance was cancelled.

What later came to be known as “Snowtober” or the “Halloween Noreaster” hit late that afternoon, and some of us barely made it back home. Needless to say, that our budget as well as our spirits were dampened, despite a fund-raiser at the East Haddam Historical Society by our Wandering Minstrels. To recompense our subscribers, we offered our Saturday night ticket purchasers free tickets to our next production, and most took us up on the offer. The moral? We will be watching weather predictions much more closely in the future!