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for our 2017 production.

Ida rallies her troops.

     One of Gilbert & Sullivan’s most tuneful operettas, Princess Ida or Castle Adamant stars a determined princess who refuses an arranged wedding, and instead barricades a band of women students behind castle walls and institutes a curriculum from which all mention of men is excluded. This would have been shockingly humorous to the Victorian audience when it was first produced in 1884, but modern feminists will admire Ida’s pluck, while still laughing at the inept suitors trying to infiltrate her refuge.

Show dates are Sat. Oct. 14 and Sun. Oct. 15.
Curtain times will be announced soon.

Click Here for a quick peek at the plot of this entertaining operetta.

Click Here to learn what happened before the first Ida performance.

Click Here to see pictures of our 2001 production of Princess Ida.

And Click Here to see the large number of principal roles needed for this production. Auditions will be June 4 and 6, so it’s not too early to start practicing! Audition details are here.

Download the Libretto as a .txt, .doc or .pdf file, or the music as a .midi file.
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