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28 August 2013

CG&SS Cast Members of the Month
John and Pat Sloan

Pat and John Sloan

Pat and John Sloan

John and Pat Sloan have been key players in Connecticut Gilbert and Sullivan productions for many years.

John’s roles include Chorus, Set Design, Master Carpenter and Technical Director Associate. John is an “idea man” whose specialty might be said to be the discovery of novel ways to produce the stage illusions required by the production. He has been essential in Connecticut Gilbert and Sullivan sets, known for his backstage wit and cameo roles. In 2013 he appeared as a monk in Yeomen of the Guard with the headsman in Act 1, and accompanying Jack Point in the work’s dramatic climax. John is also a valued and long-time employee of the city of Middletown.

Pat has been a performer in numerous Gilbert and Sullivan productions. Her lead roles with CG&SS include Phoebe Meryll in Yeomen of the Guard, Pitti-Sing in Mikado, Iolanthe (in Iolanthe), and Hebe in H.M.S. Pinafore. She has costumed productions at Duchess College in New York State, and she has performed with the East Lyme Arts Council (ELAC) in Waterford, CT. For her role In the ELAC production of Pirates of Penzance, Pat received the Eugene O’Neil award for best supporting actress.

Along with husband John, Pat is part of the CG&SS backstage team. She works with the tech crew in design and set construction. Her main passion is authentic costume design, “everything from gowns to shoes, consistent with the themes and colors of the production”. She supports the cast in dress making, measuring and fitting, as well as timely costume repairs when things go wrong (like just before show time).

Pat is a Distributor for Xango Health Beverages. She is a justice of the Peace, and a volunteer for senior care in convalescent and in-home situations. She sings with Capella Cantorum, most recently in 2013 at Carnegie Hall when the chorus presented Verdi’s Requiem under the direction by John Rutter.