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Princess Ida – 2017

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When two names are listed for a part, the starred actor played the Saturday matinee, the other played the Saturday evening and Sunday matinee performances.

Music Director: John Dreslin
Artistic Director: Michael Loomis

CHARACTER (in order of appearance)
Florian (A Courtier)
King Hildebrand
Cyril (A Courtier)
Prince Hilarion (Son of Hildebrand)
Arac (Brother of Princess Ida)
Guron (Another brother of Ida)
Scynthius (Yet another brother)
King Gama (Father of Princess Ida)
Sacharissa (A student)
Lady Psyche (Humanities Professor)
Lady Blanche (Abstract Science Prof.)
Chloe (A student)
Pricess Ida (Our Heroine)
Melissa (Lady Blanche’s Daughter)
Ada (A student)

Courtiers, Guards, Students

Daughters of the Plough

David Henderson
Craig Martin
Henry Cox
Jonathan Cohen*, Tim Throckmorton
Michael Loomis
Bill Faye
Andrew Lemire
John Freedman
Delia Light
Sierra Manning*, Erin Aldrich
Joan Toone*, Denise Shultzman
Tori Kelpen*, Grace Murphy
Julie Rumbold*, Renee Haines
Claire McCarthy*, Janet Aldrich
Rebecca McFarland*, Catherine Leuba

Elizabeth Brown, Richard Brown, Mark Callahan
Beatrice Cox, Jonathan Donahue, Erica Folta
Garry Jacobsen, Valerie Jacobsen, Ed Kerrigan
Emma lemire, Lauren Lentini, Meena Rajesh
Lalitha Shivaswarmy, David Unsworth

Caitlin Meyer, Clare Rogers, Maria Vasquez

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