Our 2017 Show

Castle Adamant

BREAKING NEWS: Dashing Prince Seeks Runaway Bride!

     Princess Ida and Prince Hilarion, heirs to neighboring kingdoms, were betrothed as babies to seal a pledge of eternal peace between their lands. On her 21st birthday, Hilarion waits for Ida’s arrival as promised long ago. But when her father arrives with only his three oafish sons, Hilarion learns that Ida has renounced mankind and has founded a women’s university at the isolated Castle Adamant, a place where no males are allowed under pain of death.

     Undaunted, Hilarion and two friends head off to Ida’s castle determined to charm Ida and win back her affections. This plan is fraught with mishaps and easier said than done! With an engaging story line, a host of funny characters, clever repartee, and some of the best music in the G&S canon, Princess Ida is a true hidden gem.



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